Thursday Snappers


Thursday Snappers visited Blue Lotus Water Garden in Yarra Junction, on a beautiful autumn day.  The garden covers 14 acres and features thousands of waterlilies, lotus and other rare plants. It also features dozens of ponds and two lakes all connected by walking tracks and 15 ornate bridges.  There are four greenhouses that grow rare plants such as the world’s largest lily species, the spectacular Giant Amazon Lily.

The gardens were spectacular, right at their peak, and their Golden Lotus was flowering.  This flowering lotus is the only one of its kind in Australia and came from ancient Chinese seed. The flower itself is a large double yellow blossom and contains 88 petals.   There were many beautiful examples of water lilies and lotus, including the “Egyptian Blue Lotus” and the “Indian Blue Lotus” which are both considered sacred in Egypt and India.

We had a great morning, lots of things to photograph, very little breeze to move the flowers, and many bees and dragon flies as well.  (Bit hard to capture though, but Barry has a beautiful bee shot!)

Thursday Snappers are a group of people who can make time on Thursdays to visit different areas for photographic opportunities, if you’d like to join us, emails are sent to club members, and if you’re not a club member, please check us out on the web site.

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From Di Wyat

From Ray Chatterton


From David Norris

From Barry Povey

From Leanne Moore