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Barry Povey

24th July 7.30 pm
Officer Vic
Star Trails
Rosie speaks.

I’ve chosen an area that we (or at least David and I) have shot from before, it’s nice and flat with good southerly views for star trails and only light noise pollution from Tooradin. There is no moon at all on Monday so as long as the fluffy stuff stays away we should have nice dark skies!

Lecky Rd is off Officer Rd/Station St in Officer and we will be up to the right from the intersection from 7.30pm.

Weather at this stage isn’t great but with 60% chance of showers but only eventuating in 1mm of rain at this stage so it’s going to be more annoying than anything I think.

Remember your cameras, cards, batteries (cold tends to zap the power so if you’ve got more than one it’s a bonus), tripods, remote/cable release if you have one, warm clothes, hat, scarf, beanie, hot drinks, etc…

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