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Barry Povey

BVCC On Location Monday 28th 7.00 pm or earlier or later.
Because of Construction work at Mordialloc Creek the location has been changed to Patterson River.
Parking at the boat Ramps – Launching Way, Patterson Lakes. This is free parking and will be available as long as it is not full of boats. It is enormous so it is unlikely. There will be a sign up if it is not available to cars. Enter off McLeod Road which is the extension of Thompsons Road over the Freeway.
If this is full because of Snapper Fishing boats then park (free) in Tennyson Street and walk to the end. If this is full, park at Station Street in Carrum Station-Parking. Go to the Creek end.
There is also parking on the seaside of Nepean Highway at Carrum near the Boat Club. This is ticket parking until 8.00 pm. I could not see where the ticket machine was though.

You have access to. Beach for shells, waver, seagulls, sunset. (Good for macro and semi-macro, long exposures, sunset. Long lens (Boats, water craft, city lights) Wide angle (Creek scenes). Standard (Architecture, creek, boats, fishermen, bridge work, trains, dredge, beach scene, signs, friendly seagulls, rail lines and power lines, metal, clouds, moving trains)
So:- you could make use of all your lenses, tripod, ND filters, remote shutter controllers.
Fish and chips is available from little local place in McLeod Road close to Launching Way (Shuts at 9.00 pm) or at Lake View Fish and Chips (Lakeview Shopping Centre) closes at 8.00 pm or at another Fish and Chip place (Lakeview Shopping Centre) closing at 8.00 pm. Meals and drinks are also available at The Cove Hotel on McLead Road.
There is also a covered picnic area and BBQ on the sea end of the boat ramp area. I did not look at the condition of the BBQ.

A good chance for members of the club to ask questions, in the field, about their camera and appropriate settings etc.

Barry for Richard.

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