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Barry Povey

BVCC Sunday Out on Location. 14th Aug
Fitzroy Explorations

While works take place as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project: Caulfield to Dandenong, buses will replace trains between Oakleigh and Dandenong, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August. Please note that this may increase your journey by up to 45 minutes.” See the Club post for more suggestions.
Ultimately Meet at corner Rose Street/Brunswick Rd Fitzroy.
Travel 1

See the Club Post for Timetable with buses.
Click here.
Travel 2
Get to Flinders Street any way you like by 11.30 am. Meet others and continuer as above.
Travel 3:
Park at Rose Street Car Park. 75 Rose Street Fitzroy (Costs $) Walk to corner of Rose Street and Brunswick Road.
Walking sound then North on Brunswick Road exploring side streets and street art.
Back to Rose Street and Rose Street Car Park for Street Art and eats and drinks at Grace Cafe (Pear Toddy)
Travel Home: Reverse the route and catch whatever trans and trains.

Contact Phone on the day. Barry. 0409 024 194

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